Thank you for reviewing my application. For ease-of-access, all 5 work samples are available below.
Note: This is a hidden page on my website.

Walkthrough of the initial “Full House” exhibition, as seen by the telepresence rover.

Excerpts from a live installation performance from the initial “Full House” exhibition. Each piece is carefully added to the exhibition. This video also shows a sense of human scale from inside the gallery, as the telepresence rover would see it.

Installation shot of “This World and Others Like It” in the exhibition “On Earth” at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, France in 2021.

A 5 minute sample of “My Darlings To Kill.” Collaborators in this preview (in order of appearance) are William LeGoullon, Bella Steele, Roberta Donatini, Hilary Morefield, and Judith Desmyttere

Excerpt from “Camera Looking Out My Window.” It utilizes a Raspberry Pi and HQ Camera module to transmit a live video feed 24/7. The live feed can be found on my website.