At Emporium, we are determined to live, create, and persevere under a certain set of ideals - we call these ideals our Pillars. As the team leaders of Emporium, we vehemently hold ourselves to these standards, as we do all current and future team members and their corresponding communities. Our Pillars are as follows:

1. We will work to inject matters of diversity, equality, and inclusion into our content, communities, and daily lives - remaining focused on the crucial tasks of uplifting marginalized voices, actively establishing space for minority creators, and making sure that everyone with empathy and love in their heart feels heard, respected, and included.

2. We will challenge ourselves to be outspoken and candid, not only with our friends, family, and communities but also with ourselves and the greater public. We will not shy away from using our platforms to highlight important issues and to openly hold ourselves and others accountable.

3. We will strive to earn the trust of our communities, as we endeavor to place our trust in them in kind. We will also aim to create and lead from a place of unshakeable integrity, bolstered by communication and vulnerability.

4. We will focus on building and maintaining the vitality of our communities while emphasizing matters of support and safety. We will work to ensure there are always systems in place to report harassment, abuse, and misconduct. We vow to value the security of our community members as much as we value supporting their efforts and celebrating their achievements.

5. We will acknowledge our biases, weaknesses, and ignorances and actively work to learn and absorb feedback to become better and more whole individuals. If we have the wisdom to impart due to experience or education we will aspire to educate those around us so they may experience similar growth in themselves, their communities, and their content.