I am hiring a studio assistant! (applications due October 15th at midnight!)

This is a long time coming - between my personal practice, Localhost Gallery, and Standard Cameras, things are falling through the cracks. I am looking for someone who will assist with all three of these projects, and ideally is also interested in being a part of the Localhost community we’re building.

Common tasks will include helping to prepare, build, and box Standard Cameras orders, running errands (trips to USPS, etc), responding to emails, social media scheduling, website content management,  basic tidying, etc. Someone who can do a little bit of everything (or wants to learn a little bit of everything) is strongly preferred.


  • Must be local to Saint Louis, Missouri!
  • A Car (for getting to and from the Studio and for errands)
  • Experience with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms
  • Adobe Photoshop (the rest of the Adobe suite is a bonus!)
  • Attention to detail - an ability to precisely follow plans & make edits as needed

Familiarity with the following preferred (or be willing to learn):

  • Content Management Systems, especially Wordpress & Cargo.site
  • Discord & Twitch
  • My various projects and the community/company values they embody
  • Past assisting experience would be great, but not required

Important notes:

  • I promise to treat you with respect and empathy. We can work together to set working boundaries that ensure you do not work for free or work on things that you’re not comfortable doing.
  • I will help you learn tools of the trade you’re interested in - whether it be art practice, 3D printing, etc - along the way.
  • I recommend applying only if you align with the values listed at the bottom of the page. If not, save your time and apply elsewhere.


  • $250 a month
  • Work one day every other week (flexible on the specific day of the week)
  • ~7 hours / day

By February 2022, I plan to grow this to $500 a month and one day every week. This is 1099 pay, so you should set aside 20% for taxes. $250 / 14 hours = $17.86 per hour. Subtract 20% for taxes for 14.28 per hour at minimum. Some days we might finish early - if this happens you’ll still get paid in full.

Honestly, if you love contemporary art, video games, and Lil Nas X, we’ll get along great. This application is my first impression of you, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and precisely! If you’re interested in applying, please send:

  • 1-3 paragraphs explaing a little about yourself and why you feel qualified for this position
  • An attached PDF with your Resume & CV (these aren’t the same thing, y’all)
  • 1-3 references I can call or email
  • Applications are due on October 15th at midnight!

Send this over to me at drew@nikonowicz.com with the subject line “Studio Assistant Application”.

Once I find an assistant, I will reach out to everyone who applies! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email. Don’t show up in my DMs on social media - this is a professional inquiry.


These values are borrowed from Emporium - a community and team I am a part of. While they may not always apply to the day-to-day work we do, it’s important that we have them in mind at the onset. In short, bigotry and gatekeeping in any kind do not have a home in my studio.

“At Emporium, we are determined to live, create, and persevere under a certain set of ideals - we call these ideals our Pillars. As the team leaders of Emporium, we vehemently hold ourselves to these standards, as we do all current and future team members and their corresponding communities. Our Pillars are as follows:

1. We will work to inject matters of diversity, equality, and inclusion into our content, communities, and daily lives - remaining focused on the crucial tasks of uplifting marginalized voices, actively establishing space for minority creators, and making sure that everyone with empathy and love in their heart feels heard, respected, and included.

2. We will challenge ourselves to be outspoken and candid, not only with our friends, family, and communities but also with ourselves and the greater public. We will not shy away from using our platforms to highlight important issues and to openly hold ourselves and others accountable.

3. We will strive to earn the trust of our communities, as we endeavor to place our trust in them in kind. We will also aim to create and lead from a place of unshakeable integrity, bolstered by communication and vulnerability.

4. We will focus on building and maintaining the vitality of our communities while emphasizing matters of support and safety. We will work to ensure there are always systems in place to report harassment, abuse, and misconduct. We vow to value the security of our community members as much as we value supporting their efforts and celebrating their achievements.

5. We will acknowledge our biases, weaknesses, and ignorances and actively work to learn and absorb feedback to become better and more whole individuals. If we have the wisdom to impart due to experience or education we will aspire to educate those around us so they may experience similar growth in themselves, their communities, and their content.”